Media & Technology

Companies that want to succeed in today’s brand and image intensive market must learn how to manage intellectual property assets.  This has become imperative for small to mid-sized technology firms, considering the financial burden of intellectual property lawsuits.  Multimillion-dollar court awards provide clear warning that intellectual property lawsuits can decimate a company’s bottom line.  It is no surprise that shrewd ownership of intellectual property, and proper respect for the intellectual property of others, has emerged as critical issues in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Media and Technology firms are facing greater risks than ever before, including:

• Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Infringement
• Errors and Omissions
• Libel and Slander Allegations
• Product Disparagement
• Violation of the Rights of Privacy and Publicity
• Security Breach and Unauthorized Access by Others

At Keelson Partners, we understand, and respond by providing not only the deep coverages you need, but also unique solutions that protect your firm across multiple exposures.  We have long-term relationships with insurance companies that specialize in these coverages and risks.  Our Media & Technology Department is composed of dedicated and experienced individuals who focus exclusively on the needs of our clients.

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