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Christmas Tree Property

Keelson Partners offers association members a competitive and affordable property insurance program available through Great American Insurance Group, property and casualty insurers, rated “Excellent A” by “A.M. Best” as of May 10, 2010 (Rating Guide for Insurance Companies).

Insurance Coverage
As a seller of Christmas trees, you need a specialized property policy to protect your buildings and equipment.  The Christmas Tree Liability Insurance Program includes insurance for the following:

  • Tree Farms, including Choose & Cut:  Buildings and Equipment
    owned, leased, and/or rented by the Named Insured.
  • Retail Lots:  Equipment owned, leased and/or rented by the Named Insured.

what type of coverage do you get for your money?

Building Insurance Coverage
Buildings (e.g. barns, pump houses, utility buildings, sheds, fencing, etc.) are insured on a replacement cost basis when the amount of insurance is at least 80% of the replacement cost value.  In addition, limited coverage has been included for Debris Removal, Extra Expense, Fire Department Service Charges and Pollutant Clean Up.

Equipment Insurance Coverage
A specific limit applies to each large item (e.g. tractors, mowers, balers, application equipment, etc.) and a blanket limit applies for items values at less than $1,000 for each item, on an actual cash value basis.  Owned, leased, rented, borrowed and newly acquired equipment are covered, as well as replacement leased and rented equipment.

Buildings and Equipment
are insured against risks of direct physical loss or damage except as specifically listed in the policy exclusions.  Perishable inventory, such as Christmas Trees, are not covered.

How to obtain a Quote
Complete the Property Insurance Application, forward it to Keelson Partners, and you will receive notification within 24 hours of receipt that your application is being reviewed by underwriters for acceptance, declination, and/or quote.

Coverage features are summarized. Refer to the policy forms and declarations for a full description of the applicable terms, conditions, exclusions and limits. Policies are underwritten by one of the following:  Great American Insurance Company, Great American Insurance Company of New York, Great American Assurance Company, Great American Alliance Insurance Company, authorized insurers in 50 states and D.C.  The Christmas Tree Property Insurance Program is not available in all states, contact Keelson Partners for details.