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About Us

About Us

Keelson Partners was formed in 1957 with the strong principle of dedication of service to our clients. Located in Portland, Oregon, our dedication of service has translated into a national presence recognized as a leader in the insurance industry.

Specialists, Not Generalists

It used to be that a successful insurance broker could be all things, to all people. A generalist. Not anymore. Customers now rightly seek advice from insurance professionals who understand the unique risk management needs of the client's particular industry. In response Keelson Partners has put together a team of professionals with a strategic focus on the clients that we provide our services.

Our confidence is based on our proven ability to design and negotiate effective insurance programs for similar companies, and on our strength in the insurance marketplace. To Keelson Partners, delivering quality is a matter of attitude. Working as a team, we can improve upon your existing insurance plan and achieve a comprehensive and cost effective program.

Please feel free to give us a call or email if you have any question.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improve your Insurance program and Risk Management objectives through:
  • Relationships¬†with clients
  • Integrity¬†in all we do to achieve full potential
  • Respectful Candor, our advice is clear and uncompromised
  • Value-Added, all actions are geared towards creating value